Digital No-Flow Timer

Forward Venture Industries is an official supplier of Whitlock and DNFT product.


Whitlock Digital No-Flow Timer (DNFT)

DNFT performs monitoring and shutdown functions like No-Flow, Low-Flow or Excessive-Flow for Divider-Block Lubrication Systems. The DNFT is a totally enclosed solid state electronic device for detecting Slow-Flow and No-Flow on in-line progressive lubrication systems.

The Digital No-Flow Timer incorporates a crystal oscillator to accurately monitor the cycle time of the lubrication system enabling precision timed shutdown capability. An internal Lithium battery powers it, which is easily replaceable. The Digital No-Flow Timer is an ISO 9001 certified product.

All Digital No-Flow Timers also come with a 3 year warranty.

Visit noflo.com for additional info.

LED Timers

Forward Venture Industries DNFT-LED


  • 2 Minute Timer
  • P/N: 000506
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LED-PS - 3 mins

LED-PS – 3 mins

  • 3 minute timer
  • P/N: 000507
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PRG Timers

Forward Venture Industries - PRG Timer

PRG – 20 to 255 secs

  • 20 sec to 4 min 15 sec
  • P/N: 000518
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Forward Venture Industries DNFT-PRG-PS

PRG-PS – 20 to 255 secs

  • 20 sec to 4 min 15 sec
  • P/N: 000519
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Proximity Switches

Forward Venture Industries PRX


  • “1995” AND LATER
  • P/N: 000172
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  • P/N: 000169


  • P/N: 000170

LCC Timers

Forward Venture Industries LCC

LCC – 45 secs

  • 45 second timer
  • P/N: 000149
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Forward Venture Industries LCC

LCC – 2 Mins

  • 2 minute timer
  • P/N: 000353
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Forward Venture Industries LCC

LCC – 3 Mins

  • 3 minute timer
  • P/N: 000150
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Forward Venture Industries LCC

LCC – 255 Secs

  • 4 minute 15 sec timer
  • P/N: 000360
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Cycle Indicators

Trabon O-Ring

  • DCI-TO
  • P/N: DL3070


  • DCI-L
  • P/N: DL3072


  • DCI-D
  • P/N: DL3073

Purge Gun

Forward Venture Industries Purge Gun

Lubrication Purge Gun

  • Hand Pump Lubricator
  • P/N: 000512
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Deliron – Digital Lubrication Monitors

Deliron Monitors are special order.

A digital lubrication monitor is an electronic device that combines the latest technology in microprocessor and transistor components for detecting SLOW-FLOW and NOFLOW conditions of divider block lubrication systems. A digital lubrication monitor displays total run-time hours and total oil consumption in pints. Lubricant flows through the divider valve assembly forcing the divider block pistons to cycle, operating the proximity switch.

Its internal microprocessor resets the timer, lights the LED, and allows the unit to continue operation by monitoring the proximity switch. The blink of the LED indicates one complete cycle of the lubrication system and enables the operator to accurately monitor and control oil consumption rates. The pulse must be received in a predetermined time or a shutdown will occur.

Deliron Digital Lubrication Monitors also come with a 1 year warranty.

Externally Powered Devices

Forward Venture Industries DLM-926PM

Dual Zone Monitor

  • Compressor/Engine
  • DLM-926PM
  • P/N: 00551
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Forward Venture Industries DLM-812

Dual Zone Monitor

  • Zone #1/Zone #2
  • DLM-812
  • P/N: 000783
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Forward Venture Industries DLM-811

Single Zone Monitor

  • DLM-811
  • P/N: 000782
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Battery Operated Monitors

Forward Venture Industries DLM-920

DLM 920 Dual Zone

  • For Divider Block Lubrication Systems
  • DLM-920
  • P/N: 000190
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Forward Venture Industries DLM-900

DLM 900 Single Zone

  • For Divider Block Lubrication Systems
  • DLM-900
  • P/N: 000189
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